Press Release

Hyundai Celebrating 40th Anniversary
Dec. 29th will mark forty years of growth

On December 29 this year, Hyundai Motor Co. will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of its foundation and to mark this major milestone, the company is releasing an official emblem.

Executed with two simple but elegant calligraphic brush strokes which combine elements of the past and the future into the dynamic silhouette of car, the emblem symbolizes 40 years of growth and progress in the automotive business. It expresses the spirit of a forward-looking, progressive organization which prizes responsiveness and responsibility: Hyundai will always remain responsive to the needs of our customers and will adhere to the highest standards of responsibility to our stakeholders, the community and the environment.

The anniversary emblem will be incorporated into all Hyundai Motor advertising, product as well as corporate, and in signage displayed in showrooms and sales/marketing events.

Coinciding with the anniversary celebrations will be the Korean market launch of the company's all-new luxury sedan codenamed BH.