The guys over at VW Vortex were apparently at the right place at the right time when they were in Germany a couple of weeks ago. They came upon a bunch of new Audi catalogs and while flipping through the pages, they came across a little sporty discovery.
Audi Exclusive is offering a new interior option for the TT sports car, both coupe and roadster versions. The new interior is inspired by the RS5’s interior and includes a combination of black and accenting Karmesin Red fine Nappa leather. With the TT, Audi has decided to filter even more of the Karmesin Red throughout the interior by including it in on the center console, 6’oclock spoke on the steering wheel, and even on the inside of the doors; elements to which were left in black on the Audi RS5.
The new option can be ordered anywhere in Europe, but there are no details yet on its availability in the North American market.أ