The iPhone CDMA model and the iPhone 5 will not support the next generation 4G networks based on LTE, according to TechCrunch.

the iPhone CDMA model due in January won’t support LTE. But here’s where it gets really interesting: sources tell me that the iPhone refresh in mid-2011 won’t support LTE either. Instead, Apple will produce a dual mode iPhone containing 3G flavors of GSM and CDMA, which operates on all carriers worldwide. If this holds true, Apple won’t support the LTE standard until some time in 2012.

This may be very disappointing for some users; however, networks are still in the process of deploying LTE and Apple may avoid many of the network growing pains by waiting until 2012 to release a 4G iPhone.

TechCrunch hypothesizes that Apple will instead focus on some innovative features like Near Field Communication for their dual mode iPhone.