Lexus sold 76,188 vehicles in Europe last year, a 2% increase over the 2017 and an all-time record for the brand in the region. This caps five consecutive years of growth in Europe and a 76% increase in sales since 2013.
The NX crossover was the brand’s best seller in Europe with 29,508 vehicles sold, a 6% increase over 2017 and 38.7% of total sales. The RX was second with 18,847 vehicles, and the updated CT 200h finished the top three with 9,131.
Hybrid powertrains represented 95% of Lexus sales in Western and Central Europe, selling a record 45,675 gas-electric vehicles.
*Lexus Europe sales include the European Union countries, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, as well as the following Eastern markets: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Caucasus region, Turkey and Israel.